Love Letters

Early Arrival


A love letter from the Father




My cherished child, do you think that I would withdraw My promise from you or take back the words that I have already spoken? Of course not! My promise to you is here for good–as sure as the sun. My loving support for you is dependable as the phases of the moon, inescapable as oxygen.


You’ve come so far now, My dearest darling. Don’t worry, I won’t fail you or allow you to fall. I will never–in any way–throw you out, abandon you, or disown you. Enjoy a sense of security and stability, as I bring you happiness and joy. 


Lay your worries at My feet and I will hold you above any fear from coming. I will take care of you and shelter you close. Lean into Me, like a baby koala who clings to his mother’s fur during the day and stays hidden in her pouch safely throughout the night. 


Don’t be doubtful, I will show up to fulfill My promise. Keep your chin up and don’t look down with a negative thought nor consider a bad outcome. Rest in My loyal love, as a koala relaxed in the wedge of a high gum tree. 


Out of My great compassion and unwavering love, I will rescue you and provide extra nourishment by bringing your heart desires to pass earlier than you think. 


You’ll be buried in comfort, like a baby koala nestled in a pouch. I’ll stack up incredible blessings for you in the midst of attacks and I will protect you from the unkindness of the world. 


I have carried you and hugged you in My arms since the day you were born and I will continue to hold you close with the deepest affection. Depend on Me as all that you need. I’ll hide you safely away from the opposition as I carry you in My arms. 


I will hold everything together and I’ll humiliate those who bully you and kick you around. You’ll encounter My generous love and I will make sure that you see My words come to pass. 


Truly I have spoken and truly I will fulfill it. Come back to being hopeful! Hope will take you to high and unexpected places. I am opening up untapped resources and you’ll be My pampered guest as you feast on My goodness. I’ll refill your needs like a banquet spread out with bountiful extravagance. 


You’ll be filled again and overflowing–just as you were before. When you see the fulfillment coming, you’ll smile big smiles and your heart will leak, bursting with joy. I’ll show you just how much I love you and you’ll thank Me over and over again! 


Like a koala who delivers an early baby or as a deciduous magnolia flower blooming before the emerging leaves. I’ll surprise you with an early arrival and I’ll save you prematurely to give you plenty of time and extra comforting relief. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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