Love Letters

Out of the Flood


A love letter from the Jesus




Although troubles have been pouring over your head, I have made you a promise and My promise still stands. You are unsinkable, despite how it looks. In the midst of the turbulent floodwaters rushing in, I am with you and I will help. 


In this moment of insufferable pain and sorrow–dance with Me again. I’ll turn things around and give you an experience of My personal love that far surpasses the momentary trouble. 


I am on your side. Don’t worry, nothing can hurt you. You are protected by My rule. I will soothe your worries and bring the opposite of your fears to be. I always take care of you–that’s what I do.


Yes–I will move on your behalf! Do you think that anyone can mess with the dreams of My beloved bride? I’ll be your rescuing Hero to deliver bountiful provisions in the midst of the attack and I’ll make your dreams come true–just like you asked!  


I will carve out an easy path through the pounding waves and I’ll open up a tunnel of peace that extends right through the chaos of the ocean. 


I will step in to defend you against those accusers and I’ll protect your promises from the deceptive plunderers. They will not come against you anymore–not ever again. 


Don’t be fooled by how this situation looks, you have crossed over into luxurious living. It will be so much better than you thought–something that you’d never guess or dream up!


Together we will sail under the waters of adversity to dig up treasure troves of hidden riches. Let’s sail into a new tomorrow from today.


Forget about what is happening and don’t keep remembering your worries. I am about to do something splendid and new! I’ll bring that change that you have been longing to see because I love you! 


Move beyond these troubles and see things happening just how you dream they can be. Lookup with optimistic faith and hope-inspired thoughts. Concentrate on your hopes coming to pass. Don’t allow a single thought of fear to linger, because fearful thoughts spread like a rash. 


I will cause comfort to manifest in this time of affliction. Twice the comfort in the place of your difficulties. I will also far surpass your hopes and expectations by doing more than you imagined. It will seem like a dream and too good to be a reality. 


Watch what I do for you during this time! I’ll make you famous for this encounter and your enemy will regret ever trying to drown you out. Just wait and see how wonderfully I help you!


I will ladle valuable treasures into your hands and you’ll scoop up Tahitian pearls that shimmer within the underwater oysters. Deep-sea treasures will be unlocked and I will reveal valuable wealth that has been secretly stashed along the sea bed.


This is just the beginning of a brand new beginning. I am opening up great depths to you! I’ll reveal hidden riches in places that you never knew existed. And now I’ll raise you up out of the flood to give you what you have asked–and more than you are ready to have.  




Penned by Dannette

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