Love Letters

From the Wound


A love letter from the Father




The night can be misleading and deceptive. It appears like there is nothing there when you are desperate to see the trace of an answered prayer. 


Troubles can cause tears to flow like a faucet while being bathed in the cold and bitter moonlight. But the heart is still dreaming and hoping for the warmth and comfort of the morning sunrise. 


Although you endured excruciating pain before and just recently, I am going to use that fresh wound to show you the healing balm of My loving support and kindness. 


Like sugar sap pouring out of the wound of a Maple tree, I am pouring out the sweetest blessings and answered prayer requests from the place of your anguish and hardship. 


I love you dearly. I have ensured that good things will happen, as a sweet calm surrounds every moment. 


There is no need to worry about tomorrow, it is already taken care of. Trust Me to keep you safe and honor My words. Rest in My promise and settle your mind in your hopes coming to the surface. 


Rest into My support like a tree dropping its boughs low to relieve the tension of its loaded down branches. Unhesitatingly surrender into what I promised, weaving your roots deep into the nutrient-rich soil.  


Let go of your fears and let go of your worries with a strong exhale. Like eliminating termites that eat away the cells of wood, instantly crush every fearful or negative thought the moment that you have it. 


Beneath My boughs, My vows to you were made. Stretch your roots to trust Me a tiny bit further, before the night completely passes over. Ignore the burdens that you have, like ignoring the darkness to concentrate on the starlight. 


Take out the worry and stay in a place of excitement. When you have no worries, you have no questions or doubts. I made you a promise and it will always happen.  


This is the light at the end of the tunnel. I have built an invisible bridge to connect you to the fulfillment of your hopes. Allow your heart to be filled with hope. I won’t disappoint you–no not ever! 


Follow Me to the stars and we will enlighten the velvet night. Faith can see what is concealed in the darkness. Explore the feeling of certainty as your confidence in Me is lifted. 


Pray for what you want and act like you already have it. You’ll move in the direction of your focus. 


Hear the tapping sound of your hopes coming to the surface, like sap dripping out from within the reservoir where it was hidden and preserved. A miracle will happen, just like I said! I am making oceans of water-filled air for you to breathe and feel relief. 


You are moving over into what you were promised. Beauty will manifest, like a dense crown of scarlet leaves that are blazing with love. You are moving out of the agony of survival into the flourishing beauty of thriving. You are leaving behind the times of lack so that you can dwell in My abundance. 


The silver moonlight is fading and the brightness of morning is budding to cause everything to change and be better. Don’t lose hope because surprises will happen before you expect them! 


My loving support will flow through your pain to comfort you like sugar sap running over the rippled bark. From the wound, I will bless you and give you relief from your troubles. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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