Love Letters

Turn it Around


A love letter from Jesus



Turn it around, there is always hope! Don’t be afraid, My dear, I am with you and ready to help you. Don’t doubt it, My life-saving love has always remained strong and steady through the rough patches and times of hardship.


Although it may look like there is no way to get through this, keep hoping for Me to bring the change that you are hoping to see. 


I have given you My promise–an unbreakable guarantee. It is connected to your situation, even though you cannot see it yet. 


When you are troubled by doubt or fear, just call—and I’ll answer! I’ll help you turn things around. A predator continues to chase its victim until the prey is too tired to run any further. He seeks to rob valuable treasures that are not for sale. 


Yet, I have given you a promise of an abundance and a secured victory. I am going to serve you so much joy! So let’s turn this around and take back your peace and confidence in My promise. 


Run towards your fears and test the power of My unbreakable love. Steal back your peace and be confident and joyful in My promise. I guarantee that your risk of faith will pay off. 


Have faith in Me through all circumstances. Open your heart to trust Me–I’ll keep blessing and sheltering you to the finish! 


Believe in faith! Believe in a miracle to take place! Live in devotion to My vows as you bring your heart, thoughts, and emotions into alignment with My promise. 


Be in agreement with My promise and resist the temptation to doubt. Marry your heart and thoughts to My words, with a sacred agreement and a tie of love that binds us together. 


Believe that I will deliver what I have promised and only think about your hopes coming true. Everything that you hope for comes from Me, so why not? 


I won’t let you fall. No one who trusts in Me like you do, with complete dependence in heart and soul, will be disappointed. 


The impossible will become possible! I can’t stop My promise. My love doesn’t end, it has no bounds, I’ll show up with all that you need and hope every morning–rain or shine! 


Turn it around, let go of all of your doubts and stand with confidence in My involvement. Be thankful now and celebrate that you have it! To be thankful is to agree with the desired outcome. 


I have surprises for you! Instead of those fears of suffering, you’ll receive your hopes with unbridled joy. I am revealing My kindness and compassion as gentle snowflakes to bring you relief and take away your sorrows. 


Just keep looking up with positive thoughts, the blessings are starting to fall. You’ll experience all of your heart’s desires with intense satisfaction and pure joy. I promise to bless you with everything I have–like glittering snow that piles up more and more. 


Stay in alert expectancy for what I will do and let your hope overflow and burst out. I am sending secretly stored provisions, like reserves of snow that I have saved for times of war. 


I’ll fight your enemies by blessing you more and I will make up for the troubles that have afflicted you. Instead of being harassed and irritated more, you’ll walk out of this time with twice the comforts of before. 


Your world is being washed with My love, like snow that gently falls from above. Inside the soft snowflakes are little icy pieces of frozen water. I have hidden support for you. 


Sit back and take it easy, everything is falling into place. I’ll surprise you quietly with hidden provisions falling into your hands–and everywhere that you look. 


I will show up like softly falling snow with hidden water within that dances and swirls around you. You won’t even be able to contain all of the blessings that I release. It will be like snow that suddenly appears and miraculously settles into the surface. 






Scribed by Dannette Ward

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