Love Letters

Miracle Breakthrough


A love letter from the Father



Although this walk has been exceedingly hard and it has hurt more than you ever imagined, you are stepping into an easier way of living. 


Instead of trudging through the dirt of weariness and lack, you’ll walk in elaborate comfort and a lifted experience of plush blessings. 


I am making things much less stressful and more beautiful. You are advancing forward to a time where diamonds are uncovered through every step, instead of the emotional fatigue and discomfort. 


Don’t lose hope in your hopes coming true! Don’t be doubtful, things are not how they look for you. Leave room for Me to surprise you and remember that anything is possible. 


Your hopes will become tangible, like a tiny seed breaking through and sprouting to the surface. I’ll cause these things to speed up and turn out just as you desired, like germinating a seed to expose the root to the water. 


You can always count on Me! Always look for the best, like a miner searching for treasures of gold in the darkest roots of the gigantic mountains. Press into hope and I will cause it to manifest into a sure foundation. 


I dare you to believe with all of your heart, I won’t let you down! Stay in a place of being favored and without fear. I will cause you to step into an impressive blessing and what you hope for will become real.


I am opening up new doors for you and taking you to a much higher place, where you will stand tall and confident in My secure provisions. 


Expect the very best and have sky-high hopes! Happier days are ahead of you. Believe Me, I will bless everything that you do. You’ll come out of this surprised with even better than you what desired or thought. 


I am extravagantly rewarding your faith with a speedy miracle breakthrough. With the highest honors from My hand, you’ll drink from a bottomless canteen of plenty and you’ll unearth clusters of colossal diamonds.


Blessings will come to you in many different ways and with more than you could have dreamed. I will open up tunnels of rocks, where you will discover all kinds of beautiful gems. 


I’ll open up the hidden rivers of origin to bring secret riches to the lighted surface. Instead of barely collecting from where you have been, you’ll be blessed and increased from every direction. 



Scribed by Dannette

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