Love Letters

Open Door


A love letter from the Father



Don’t be worried, My dear. I have already shown you what would come and it will happen just as I said. Don’t brace yourself to be heartbroken again, but look up with hopeful optimistic thoughts. 


I have already promised you that the past pain would not happen to you again. Give Me your fears and worries and then don’t think of them again. Faith says that what you prayed for will happen! Open your heart to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt and with complete certainty. 


Turn the key to faith and prepare for an open door to what you have prayed. Align your words, thoughts, and emotions with sure fulfillment. Feel as if it was already done and embrace the gratitude of receiving. Don’t waver or doubt My goodness. 


I am going to bless you with a generous gift in the same place where you were once disappointed and devastated. I am going to help you turn your perspective around, by showing you love instead of the pain from what you fear or dread. 


Don’t underestimate what I can and will do! Any moment now, and everything will change for the good. You’ll be able to truly rest and fill your lungs again with a deep and soothing breath. 


I’ll show up with extra comfort, to give you a chance to kick back and relax. You’ll be nourished from the past pain, as I revisit you with an open door to what you have been aching to see for so long. 





Scribed by Dannette

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