Love Letters

Change is Happening


A love letter from the Father




Even as life changes and spins around, you will be extraordinarily blessed and favored from My hand. Throw your worries away and look up with optimism and hope.Β 


Don’t pay attention to the negative things, because I am putting you in a new light with new positive outcomes. Don’t be afraid to be confident. I assure you, the past is over now.


Like sitting up high on a cloud of rose gold skies, I am lifting you into luxurious comforts.Β 


Close your eyes to the troubles that you see, as you are immersed in a jacuzzi of comfort to erase your fears, regrets, and disappointments. Allow Me to refresh your vision, to see only from what you have been promised.Β 


Open up to My promise, like relaxing into bubbling hot waters that massage your tensions and relieve your stress. Imagine the promise as fulfilled and feel how happy it has made you, as you focus on the deep warmth of My promise being made tangible.Β 


Bubble with excitement for what is coming and soon you will see that your faith has worked as it comes to the surface.Β My invisible promise will materialize like heated water that accumulates enough energy to transition to gaseous steam and bubbles.Β 


I am going well beyond simple comforts to relieve your tensions. You’ll be free of all worry with a deep-tissue massage of My therapeutic love. I will use this time to comfort you with the water therapy of My personal care.Β 


I’m blessing you from head to toe! Instead of barely surviving, you’ll be drenched in My prosperity–all the days of your life.Β 


You will be relieved of pain, as possibility becomes reality. Instead of worry or dread, you’ll receive the pleasure of the fulfillment of My promise.


Change is happening, to give you a new way of life! This is not a time for receiving bad, instead, you’ll reach the ultimate relaxation from the continuous warming of My comforts.Β 





Scribed by DannetteΒ





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