Love Letters

Yet Again


A love letter from the Father



I know everything that weighs heavy on your heart, every sigh, and every concern. There is no need to over-think or worry, everything will be okay. Things will turn out just as you hope and your path will always be paved with triumph and serenity. 


Even when it seems like you are cut down, you’ll increase and prosper with more than you had. Every road that you take is protected by My love and I use every situation to bless you! 


Keep calm, nothing that you fear will happen. Yet again, you’ll be replanted with mighty support and you never need to worry about running out. You’ll flourish and expand under My care, despite what is happening around you. 


Stay focused, there is an endless forest of possibilities before you. Take your attention off of your worries and needs. Think about what you hope to happen and not the outcomes that you do not desire to be done.  

Don’t allow a negative thought to slither in that you don’t want to experience. Stay rooted in hope! You’ll always encounter My love. The opposite of your fears is a promise–remember that. 


Go beyond the capacity of comfort and trust Me despite every whirlwind of doubt. I will bless you and honor your faith. Be true to Me through optimistic faith and I will do the same. I’ll match your willingness to believe the best with avalanches of generous goodness piling up. 


Permeate yourself with gratitude, like garlands of an evergreen being strung with festive lights. Be connected to your answered prayer and not the troubles or threats of things that could go bad.  


It will happen just as you asked. Believe that you already have it and it will be yours! What you are praying for will find you. You’ll stretch out with plenty of space in a lush pasture filled with the beauty of fulfilled hopes. 


My personal devotion to you is unmatched! I will make goodness spread out before you, like perfectly lined evergreen trees dusted with uniquely adorned snowflakes. I’ll load you with blessings, as I love you and increase you! I’ll treat you with kindness and tangible comforts.


Yet again, your roots will dip into comfort and you will draw up the fulfillment of your prayers with immensely more than you hoped. And you won’t have to wait any longer. Yet again, I will show up with what you are asking for and this time you’ll experience My love like never before.




Scribed by Dannette

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