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A love letter from the Father



You are not alone. Have faith and be unafraid, I am here to make the path clear. Don’t allow those needs to get you down. Have no worries, everything will be absolutely fine! 


Don’t allow worries to hold you down, the stars are out tonight! The thrill of your prayers being fulfilled is within your reach! I will generously supply your requirements and be a comforting refuge for you to sleep. 


I will show up to deliver your request–like a dependable rescue to care for your needs. Rest within My everlasting arms, as I cover your necessities from here on out. 


The vows that I have given to you are more real than anything that you can see. I will make visible what is not yet seen. I’m putting it all together in a vast panorama! My promises will fill your view like a million twinkling stars to illuminate the darkness. 


There are so many stars! So many blessings! So many possibilities! I have imparted you with dreams just from Me. I’ll comfort you and make things better, not worse. Ignore any doubts and keep shining with hope. 


I am making it easier for you to have all that you hope and need. Like the Jabuticaba tree that grows fruit on the trunk, I am making it effortless for you to always have more than enough. 


Like stars blazing bright, there are treasures of wealth hidden inside. The impossible will become possible, as you rise up with thoughts of faith. I’ll give you an out-of-this-world experience that you will love! 


Glimmering lights shine within, as stardust emerges from the faith saturated place of hope and optimism. With even more than you asked, I will cause you to slingshot around the moon and enjoy the breathtaking views. 


You’ll see with your own eyes My words coming into view. With twice the comfort, I’ll show up in surprising ways to help you live comfortably for the rest of your days. I’ll bless you—oh, how I’ll bless you!


Always and consistently–things will become better and better. Expect better and think big, like dazzling stars in the sky. Hope high and make it bigger than you planned! 


What will you do when your dreams come true? You’ll see so many little details of how much I love you! 


Soon you’ll be floating through a sea of stars with more than you expect. The sturdy support of My love does not stop now. There’s more–gift after gift after gift! This encounter is going to be gigantic and endless!



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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