Love Letters

Unexpected Acts of Love

A love letter from Jesus



I will not desert you, so never mind those that do. With eyes on each other, nothing else matters. Take My hand and let’s begin to dance together. Lock your gaze into Mine and forget about all that surrounds you. Step even closer with intimate focus. 


Get lost in My eyes and see yourself through Me. See yourself in My tangible promises–so blessed, beautiful, and honored! I am doing a deeper healing and you’ll experience My love–even more than you ever knew. 


Pour out your sadness and troubles to Me. Come now–lay your head on My shoulder. I’ll wrap you in My love until you are no longer feeling down and blue. 


Everything is working just as I planned with excellent timings and lavish blessings. You can count on My faithful protection and loving provision to remain constant,  always–everywhere that you go. 


I love you and I am making you strong! Although the times of walking alone can be challenging and hard, your intimate dependence on Me is giving you increased confidence in My ever-present help, love, and support. 


I am going to move into those secret places in your heart that you long to have touched. My love will never give up on you. You will be refilled and comforted–again and again.


This moment is sacred. I am placing you on high, high above all those who have misjudged and verbally abused you. All My blessings will come down on you and spread out beyond you–because you have followed and obeyed My words as a choice and desire. 


Don’t worry about the attacks against you. I am going to openly defend you and bless you! You’ll feast on gifts from My heart, as those who have despised you watch–remorseful and reformed. 


This is your moment to shine with beauty–I am vindicating you and showing you as My darling beloved. The ones who have criticized you and said bad things will come back to apologize and ask for your forgiveness and love. 


Save the first dance for Me and be hopeful for something good! I will always love you and deliver more than you hoped that I would. 


I won’t leave your side, rather I am going to elevate you. My love is lifting you up high. I’m fulfilling your dreams and you’ll never be the same. I am going to do the very best for you and leave you speechless with joy. 


Open your heart to any possibility, no matter how unexpected it may be. My love is immeasurable and limitless–I will do marvelous things–with unexpected acts of love. You’ll be so surprised and elated! 





Scribed by Dannette

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