Love Letters

Rise with the Tide

A love letter from Jesus



My dear one, My darling. Stop raining on your own parade and bask in My devoted love for you! Everything that you have been praying for is coming true and I have created this time extra special–just for you. 


Let Me help you unload those heavy burdens. Surrender every worry, need, and fear to Me–and I’ll lift you above the waves that have been coming against you. 


Without a care in the world–you’ll skim over the water. I’ll cause you to rise high above every difficult problem. 


Go on and love yourself–just like I do! Keep shining the way that you do! Pay no attention to those who have misjudged and criticized you. I will bring them healing and help them understand–just like I helped you. 


Let Me take care of this problem–I am going to reveal you as My chosen, My bride, and My beloved. 


You look so beautiful! Keep being all that you are! Relax every tension and sink comfortably into My arms. I will never fail you or hurt you. 


Surrender to this moment and choose to believe the very best. Everything is not as it seems and you are loved so much more than you think. 


My love vows to you will always stand through the test of time. You can always count on Me to be right there with you and to diligently provide. I am your biggest fan and I love you! 


You’ll never know what you could be if you don’t put your heart out to trust Me. Go out on the limb–you’ll be surprised with the sweetest fruit! 


When I said that things are new–I meant it. Return to My words and settle your heart in the fulfillment. Never again will you be humiliated or shamefully embarrassed. 


So go ahead and take a deep breath. Shed away the unnecessary weight of self-comfort that comes from hiding. Move out of your own way and resist all negative thinking.


Your faith will be honored–in more ways than one. So rise up with the tide–it’ll be worth the risk. I promise! 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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