Love Letters

Tidings of Comfort

A love letter from Jesus



Oh, dear heart, I will never let you go or walk away from you at all. Lookup through the tears and remember that I am always faithful and close. 


I have not turned away your prayers, nor has My loving-kindness departed. There is nothing at all that can ever hold back My love to be your stable support and trustworthy reliance.   


A new chapter has begun and it is all about experiencing My deep and personal love. You’ll be soothed and eased through tangible demonstrations of continuous relief and loving comfort. 


Although your faith was tested through opposite conditions, My words are coming out as gold–in a spectacular fulfillment. I am making things easier to give you relief from the pressures. I will richly provide everything that you have hoped and required.


Yes–you have endured through fire and surging storms–but now I am bringing you up into a place of refreshing abundance–and so much comfort! 


Believe that I love you and that I will come as your help. My love travels with you– anywhere that you go–and My blessings will never fail to meet your place of desire. 


Look expectantly for Me and with confidence–keep watch. Put on My promises and don’t take them off. Put them on like a diamond necklace that rests close to your heart. Fasten them securely, as you trust in My timing. 


I’ll show up with tidings of comfort, as I hand-deliver what I have spoken. Raise your expectations and get your hopes up! Your faith and trust in Me will be openly celebrated and rewarded. 


You are spreading out to prosper in everything so that your generosity will spill over in every direction. I am coming with comfort! Expect unexpected things and a cascade of wonderous blessings. I’ll deliver just what I promised. Comforts will suddenly appear and wait for no man’s approval. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward



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