Love Letters

Time is Being Reversed

A love letter from the Father



It’s true, this has been a very long journey and there are few who know the extent of all you have endured. There have been highs and lows as you grew strong into hope. 


You have walked through many things and it’s been full of love, tears, joy, grief, pain, and long-suffering. Not everything was daffodils, but the moments of encountering My all-encompassing love will always be remembered. 


You are being revived and I am rewinding time, to give you back the bounty of your losses. The sorrow of your bitterness will become your friend,-as you tell your story of praise–over and over again. 


The drought is over and I am pouring the heaviest rains–more than you have seen in your lifetime. Never again will you cry your heart out from this anguish again. Take a look at what is ahead with excitement and expectation. 


So no more crying because the hardships are fading into a landscape of a fanciful abundance. The sound of the racing locusts has become quiet and in response to your prayers–I will answer with fulfillment. 


I am opening a gate to an open field of dreams and you’ll feel the lush grass comforting your feet from the ash and burning. I’ll put a new spring in your step and you’ll remember what it’s like to love life again. 


I am making you a source of immense blessing! You’ll be completely satisfied and no longer struggling or fighting off hunger. Don’t fear, because I am lifting up up to give you respite from the warfare. 


I haven’t fully revealed the great heights to which you will ascend. Yet, I am doing something so big and magnificent with your life! You couldn’t believe it all now–even if I told you. It’s so rich, lovely, and absolutely astounding!


Time is moving backward with restoration, to take you from ordinary to extraordinary. You are rising against the odds and before you know it, you’ll be dancing on the stars. 


I’ll lift you up to catch your dreams and you’ll scoop up stardust easily–as if it were nothing. All of the pain will be reversed, as I transform your grief to glisten and shimmer with magnified honor, beauty., and blessings 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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