Love Letters

Pioneer Reward

A love letter from the Father 



You are a true pioneer, like a silver birch tree, colonizing with My love and taking over the old religious grounds. You have moved to places unknown–to places where I have called you. 


Many times you had to let go and trust Me in destinations where others have never been before. 


Although you were not always accepted by men–because they feared the unknown–I will cause My intentional love for you to be openly known. Don’t feel sad, but laugh instead! I have made you a blessing!


I have made you as a living-sign post and as a conduit where I write My love upon. Like the silver birch tree that means–‘bhurga’– a ‘tree whose bark is used to write upon’.


Even though it may seem like you are very small, the faith that you share is drawing in those who need Me the most. My light within you shines like a blazing star, leading a multitude to be captivated by My heart. 


Don’t worry My dear, everything will turn out right and you’ll be honored in My light. Just be calm, I will fight this battle for you. 


You are secured in My intentional love and I’ll keep you from falling. No one has any power to harm you, instead, this attack will bring out the best of the best blessings!


Live under My great love and abounding generosity as you trust Me to be your confidence. I will deliver you out of the false accusations as I declare you as My own pioneer–whom I love and cherish. 


Be brave and shine brighter than ever. Get lost in My love and celebrate this new chapter. Even when your critics are suffering from drought, you’ll continue to flourish and prosper all around. 


Because you have stepped out beyond all that you’ve known to follow Me with absolute trust, I am giving you a public reward and more blessings than you can count. 


You’ll continue to rise higher, while those who have set themselves against you tumble into the low levels of humiliation and rebuke. Resistance and reprisal will pursue those who oppose you, but My goodness will always track you down.


Beauty and opulence will spread out like a fire for you, like the arrow-tipped leaves of a birch proclaiming a life restored. 


No one has the power to take you down from the status that I am giving you. Their words will soon be met with remorse. Dress yourself up with lovely thoughts, because I am personally carrying you into an honorable banquet of My love–as your pioneer reward. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward


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