Love Letters

Soon You’ll See

A love letter from Jesus



Come closer and put your head on My shoulder. Haven’t I always taken care of you and caused things to turn out as I promised? Instead of using your energy on worries and negative thinking, concentrate all of your energy on resting, trusting, and believing. 


I will shelter you under the canopy of My love. You never have to worry about heat, drought, or resources running out because I am always more than enough! 


Stay calm and serene as you trust in My ever-present support. For every place where you to offer your trust, I’ll be there Myself to bless you with more than you hoped. 


To separate a branch is to dry it out, but as you stay positive with unwavering faith in My promise, the water will continue to pour out and cause your life to flourish. Cling to My words with fervent trust, like a crossvine with robust tendrils and trumpet-shaped flowers, always reaching up. 


Release your worries and troubles to Me, and lay down and settle into My love. Feel as though your prayers were already fulfilled, as you tap into joy-filled gratitude through faith and trust. 


The Root always supplies water to the branch, stay connected as you focus on My promise to love and support you. You can go as high as you desire, as long as you don’t entertain negative thoughts, doubts, or the fear of unbelieving panic. 


There are no limits! So be optimistic with hope. Negative thoughts are like a disease that spoils the harvest. Expect and demand the outcome of your hopes and don’t allow yourself to think anything less than wonderful results. 


Opening your heart to trust and believe, is like the bud breaking through the frost to melt into love. You’ll be instantly soothed and relieved, like a bud reawakening from dormancy. 


From the buds of My promises, fresh vibrant leaves will burst awake and spread into an unruly growth. Soon you’ll see a well-watered garden of vigorous support. 


You don’t have to strive, you don’t have to struggle. I will deliver all that you need–with even more–richer and finer! I’ll bless you—yes! I’ll give you more than I promised!


Stay connected to faith and experience the best you’ve ever had. Now there will be plenty as you spread out to discover the indulgent land of tangible promise. 


There is simply nothing that you cannot have, as you stay snuggled and resting in My loving promise. I know when you are trusting and I’ll show up to fulfill far more than you have prayed or thought. 


My personal love is spreading out to touch every detail of your life, like a low trailing vine that effortlessly twirls with the intentions of pure kindness. You’ll see soon see for yourself, as I fill you up to overflowing and refresh you with plentiful goodness. 


Soon you’ll see that I have been graciously working behind the scenes. My love is washing over you again to refresh your needs and satisfy your longings with rich saturation. 




Scribed by Dannette

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