Love Letters

Before You Are Ready

A love letter from the Father



Although you may not know what to expect, I can assure you that your experience will only get better and better than it has. The endless support of My personal love always grows and expands. 


You are moving into the life-altering transformation that you desire and the first place where it happens is on the inside. I will conceal everything that is humiliating to you and protect you in a light of pure love and honor. 


Move into your promises now, like a sea crab growing into its new shell before it even starts molting. It is the growth of the new shell that causes the old shell to break off. 


Think as if you’ve never been hurt and live as though your life is already the way that you want it to become. Your mentality helps shape your world and causes beauty to emerge from within. 


Flow with the water of My continuous support as you relax your defenses and release all of your worries. Place your concerns into My care and I will uphold you–just as I always have. 


Leave the past in the past and step into the new. Not from a place of fear–but from confidence and hope in who I am for you. I’m so excited to watch the adornment of My promises unfolding and taking form!


Let go of every ‘plan b’ and put all of your trust in what I have promised. Don’t worry–this is a leap worth taking! It’s really true–you’ll forget the pain of all that you have endured–as your promises materialize and take over. 


Intertwine your heart to My words and celebrate the beginning of this new journey. It all starts now! Let’s dive into the abundance of the big blue sea and allow Me to sweep you away into the fulfillment of your dreams. 


This won’t be as distant as you think–things can change in an instant. The hardest part is already behind you. The waters of My love will suddenly overflow to flood you with fulfillment–even before you are ready. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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