Love Letters

I Love You

A love letter from Jesus




Become free and relaxed like a child again, as you trust Me to protect you and keep you sheltered. Lose your worries once and for all–because I am always in your corner. 


In order to move into the new life that you’ve been promised, you will need to remove your attention from the sorrow from where you have started. This is a time for miracles and I am going to make this even better than you thought. 


Your prayers will be fulfilled, simply open your heart to accept, believe, and surrender to the fulfillment. Look forward to the desired outcome with expectations for good. 


My love and My promises to you will never change or be taken away. I am creating your tangible dreams out of nothing. By the word of My power, I am holding all of your promises together. 


Unlimited possibilities await you as you step out of your comfort zone and trust Me to deliver. Look beneath the surface, there is always more than meets the eye. Plan on seeing My comfort emerge to wrap you in My love. 


There is an abundant ocean hiding just beneath the surface and secret containers of wealth are emerging. You will be greatly expanded and life will become more bountiful than you first envisioned. 


Don’t get comfortable with just enough, there will be more than you could ever need, with plenty left over to share with others. 


I will continue to comfort you with My love until you are no longer worried or afraid. Your experience of My support does not recede, but it will continue to expand and get better. 


Expect this to be personal, as I surround you with favor and blessings. It’s not too good to be true–it’s is just another way for Me to say, “I love you”. 


Scribed by Dannette

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