Love Letters

A New Life Has Begun

A love letter from the Father



Now listen, My child, and don’t miss a word. I understand your affliction and I am doing something to help. Forget all of your pain and suffering and put your past behind you. A new life has begun and things are not as they look. 


In order to reach the dream that you seek, you must be willing to let go of those things that frighten you. Nothing that you fear will come–it’s okay–I have redeemed you. This is the beginning of a brand new chapter–a new you! Your life will look more beautiful than it ever has before.  


Place your hand in Mine, it’s okay, I won’t let go. It is safe to unwind those tensions, I will rescue you and protect you from every fear and threat. Put all of your trust in Me. Don’t worry, I always deliver on My promises.


Take a seat and trust who I am for you. As the apple of My eye, I will give you My full attention. Close yourself off to all fearful thoughts and don’t just run from them. There is no reason to worry because I will give you the outcome that you hope for. 


Take the risk of faith and don’t overthink this. Just exhale out your anxieties and lean into My love. Just think from a place of being completely free and I will show up with all that you need–and more!


Take your mind off of all of your needs and begin to dance to the sound of relief. Every shadow of fear will be bathed in My tangible love. With full hope, you’ll laugh again–and without a care in the world. Dreams are coming true, as I cause My goodness to pass before you. 


I am prospering you in the place where you suffered before. Make room to receive, by choosing to believe and trust even more. The One who promised you is faithful! Drench your heart with bubbling faith, a season of miracles is upon you!. 


I’ll keep My promise to you and you’ll forget all of those troubles. I’ll make sure that you prosper–yes, even more than before. It will come to a point where your reality is better than your dreams. Go ahead and let out a sigh of relief because a new life has begun. 




Scribed by Dannette

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