Love Letters

Your Best Yet is Happening Now

A love letter from the Father




Even if the whole world abandoned you and failed to stay by your side–My promise to love and support you–will never break down or fail to hold you high. You are always safe from harm and from running out of support. 


You cannot live in both the problem and the promise. You have to make a clear-cut decision to die to one or the other. Trust Me with utmost abandon and take your attention off of those doubts and worries. 


The rain always falls when a cloud fills to the stage of saturation. Like a cloud filling up to release water, your attitude to trust Me now will determine how quickly things go. The deeper the surrender, the more vigorously and abruptly the rain will pour out. 


Return to the watering hole of My promise and feel the joy that it has already begun. Come from the mentality that My promise has already occurred, as you bring your future into the present. 


My promise to you is an endless gift–it is always being refilled. Enlarge your hopes and build them up. Stay with a mindset of faith-positive thoughts. Don’t be afraid, you won’t be disappointed or humiliated again. 


Close your eyes to those worries and fall fully into My arms. My love will never give up on you or leave you alone. Surrender to My promise and be secure and confident in the answer to your prayers. 


Ask as if you have already received—all things are possible–if you only believe. I will show up to greet your expectations with immeasurably more than you imagined or thought. 


Before you know it–I’ll materialize the water with what you are asking. You’ll be so surprised as the rain starts pouring down. You’ll be filled beyond capacity–to the point of overflowing. 


Your best yet is happening now, so move into faith in what I have said. I will fill the deep gorges with flowing streams and bright blue waters. 


You’ll see My ever-present love filling up the creek beds and dry old river valleys. It will start with a trickle and suddenly become a downpour of blessings. 



Scribed by Dannette


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