Love Letters

The Resolve

A love letter from Jesus 



Wipe away your tears and go back to what I promised. You have not been overcome and this dream is not over. I will show up to give you beauty beyond the pain. Your former disappointments will be remade into manifested love, like a birch tree that regrows quickly after a tragedy. 


The tension of waiting has come and gone. Now comes the relief and the resolve. You have reached the clearing and things have already started to change. The warm light is radiating through the windows and announcing the end of the problem, the end of difficulty. 


I will pour blessings from the place where you once bled, like sweet sap trickling out of the wound from the trunk of a maple. It’s time to get away from the stress and chaos. Allow Me to carry you away to soothing calm waters. Your tensions are going to be eased, as I douse you in relief.


It will feel wonderful after all you’ve been through, like being embraced in the sunshine to take away the winter blues. Things are about to become even better. I am opening up your prayers personally, like unlocking a door with a heart-shaped key. You are stepping out of the screeching winds and into the calm ambiance of quiet. 


I will comfort you from the bitter warfare with My nurturing love kindling on the hearth. The tangible expressions of My love are coming to light, as I deliver the resolve from the troubles that you have faced. I am bringing you into layers of goodness and a brand new start.


You’ll be hidden from enemy attacks, as I give you rest on all sides. I will hold onto you and shelter you from the wind and unsettling anxieties. I will outshine your generous faith by doing superabundantly above and beyond your hopes and dreams. 


You are about to discover the miracles of sacred waters. I will make it so you can start fresh and leave the anguish behind you. Let all that you fear go–and give up every worry. Sail into a new day–completely clear and liberated from the past pain. All of those fears and days of disappointment will be behind you for good. 


Let’s go to the other side and indulge in a new beginning. You are bathing deep into love and being immersed in the seas of dream fulfillment. Now is the moment when anything can happen! 


You are gonna love this! Stay nestled in what you hope to be done. Unpack the heavy burdens as you leave behind every doubt. A monsoon of miracles is moving upon you and I will comfort you, like a blanket of kindness wrapped around you and those that you love.


Blessings will happen all at once and they will arrive in many different ways. It will happen before you think. I will take care of you! I tell you–things are going to turn out great. Without hurting, you will be unconditionally adored. You’ll feel it soon, like a warming fire that flickers and fills the room with a romantic glow to renew your peace and bring relief. 






Scribed by Dannette Ward

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