Love Letters

A Lot Can Happen Overnight


A love letter from the Father



Take heart, My beloved, soon you’ll see My goodness shine through. Look how far you have come! You are doing fantastic, don’t worry, I’ve got you! 


Continue to hold your chin up and be brave, I will save you!. You have to know that it will happen–even if it doesn’t feel like it will. 


Don’t look down with a doubtful thought, happiness is just around the corner. Out of nowhere, I will fulfill this capsized dream and everything will be just as I promised it’d be.


Remind yourself of what I promised and rehearse it often, if needed. It is hard to move into a new life if you are always deleting each new chapter to rewrite the hardships that you have been through. 


I have promised you the victory–there is literally nothing ever to fear. I will show you My unique and extravagant love–in a million different ways. 


Ignore how impossible it looks. You just have to believe–without a second thought. Remember, My dear, your faith holds a contract from Me, that you have what you are hoping to see.  


You’ve got it! Welcome to a brand new beginning! My promise is endlessly fulfilling. Recline under the hidden riches of My extra generous and copious support. 


Look up with anticipation and prepare to see the show. Shooting stars of fulfilled promises are falling down to you! You are going to realize a life-long dream. All of a sudden–everything will look like something out of a fairytale. 


Trusting in My intentional love is sure to send you into dreamland. Close your eyes and forget your problems, as you dream about stepping into promise. There will be more than you planned and definitely more than you have imagined. 


A lot can happen overnight! Shooting stars will streak through the opaque night, each one encapsulating the Promise that I have given. My opulent comfort will surprise you! 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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