Love Letters

A Fountain of Surprises


A love letter from Jesus



Although My promise to you may look laughably impossible, don’t count Me out or underestimate what I can do. I told you that I would cause you to laugh with sheer joy–and that is what I will do. 


My dear, there is still time. Keep hoping to the end and remember that nothing is impossible and I know what I am doing.


I am deeply involved with the details of your life and I will cause all of My goodness to come together to help you. I have more ways to deliver what you need than you have ever considered or seen.


Remember that I am right here with you and that I will not forget to do all that I promised. Your simple trust and faith in Me to honor My words has evoked an eruption of blessings to be quickly delivered. 


Replace your worries with hopes and remember who I am for you! I have promised you a victory and there will always be more than enough love to cover you. 


Even the tiniest particle of faith has the power to uproot every problem that you face. Slow down and become enveloped in My promise. Begin from the fulfillment and see it as tangible. Open up your heart to unwavering belief. As you think from your heart, it will be. 


Focus on My love and let it expand within you. Become captivated by My intentional support as you explore the dimensions of My love that protects you. All that you have asked will be given. Be full of vibrant confidence and faith as you think as though it has already been done. 


Accept My promise as accomplished and you’ll see what happens for you. You’ll taste the sweetness of fulfillment and the rich and decadent joy of encountering My boundless love. 


Don’t worry about how I will get it to you–just know that I will. My promise will be fulfilled by itself. By faith enter into the union of My promise, as you bind your heart to the deepest love possible. 


I will surprise you and leave no doubt that you are loved beyond all awareness and comprehension. Suddenly blessings will spill out like water and hidden riches will pour out like a fountain of chocolate enjoyment. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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