Love Letters

A Gift of Laughter


A love letter from Jesus



My beautiful one, you are about to see that time is on your side. Being unable to save yourself is the very thing that will bless you and bring you wealth. My glorious power will erupt through your needs as My love vehemently creates a way for you. 


Expect to see My favor prevail–you’ll be thrilled beyond all belief. My promise to you is an unbreakable bond, as a direct expression of My true and loyal love. I have blessed you–and you are blessed for good! 


I have given you this victory and I have turned the tide. I’m bursting with good news to share! You’ll be raised so high that you’ll be walking on air. 


Your critics will be embarrassed–and your enemies put to shame. I will raise you above the rest, as My love for you is openly declared. 


Prepare to see Me captivate you in ways that you never knew. Making My bride beautiful is what I love to do! I will do just as I said and I will fulfill My promise. 


Just wait and see what will happen. I will show you how to laugh again! I can hardly wait to see the reaction on your face. You’ll be beaming with an ear-to-ear grin and crying out of sheer happiness. 


I will create a spectacle of wonder, as I personally bless you to prosper. I am passing this gift over to you and giving you the wealth of being born with a silver spoon. It will be bigger than anything else–with indulgent comforts provided. 


Although you suffered much–now you will be ridiculously blessed. You’ll feast on My personal support, while onlookers gather in awe of My love to worship. 


I am giving you the dream of your heart to make up for your pain and affliction. You are coming out of this with a gift of laughter and all who hear about what I have done will join you in the celebration.  




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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