Love Letters

A Hero to Change Everything


A love letter from Jesus



My dear one, I have seen your miserable complaint and how you have chosen to stay optimistic with faith. Do not fear, I will not let you down. I love you too much! Forget your worries and rest easy. I will take over from here. 


Sit back and watch as everything unfolds like a movie. I will leave you in a state of bewildering amazement. In the past, I rescued you and saved you from falling. Now I am doing it again, to reveal the closeness of My ever-present affections. 


Keep your head high with unyielding faith. Keep trusting to the end and things will fall right into place. I have made something stunningly beautiful for you! 


My personalized gifts and blessings for you will fan out like a sunflower opening to the sun. You’ll sparkle like an Amaryllis flower with a star-shaped bloom as I manifest your hopes, fulfill your prayers, and make your dreams come true.


Suddenly, your despair will melt into joy, as the Son comes shining through. I’ll be right there for you and I will defend your honor. I will stick up for you against your critics and I’ll cause you to stand even taller.  


You’ll be in child-like wonder as it begins raining diamonds. Every intentional detail will come out in the open embellished with gold and dusted with glitter.


This time will outshine any of the rest. I have made this one especially for you and you will never forget it. You’ll love how this turns out–you’ll see! I will show up as a Hero to change everything! 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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