Love Letters

Beauty Overnight


A love letter from Jesus



 I have cared for you and carried you this far. You can rely on Me to be here for you now–when it matters the most. I will fulfill My promise and make this extra special.


Do you remember? I have revealed what is coming to give you overflowing joy and a monumental blessing. 


I will be quick to comfort you–don’t be afraid. You will not be humiliated or embarrassed. This time you will be built and grounded upon My own beauty and love. 


You will know no more fear and there will be no more worries. I will honor you lavishly–with all comforts provided. 


I will act honorably for you to ensure the best outcome. I will give you wonderful news to proclaim and something very precious for you to keep all for yourself. 


Even though it doesn’t look like it will come, like trying to find a beam of light through the dense clouds and opaque sky. Continue to trust and believe what I have promised, and I will reward you in the richness of My royal comforts. 


You will be amazed what can come–when you press in and carry confidence to the end. I’ll give you a new foundation to stand upon, where beauty dazzles on a mosaic floor of porphyry, marble, mother-of-pearl, and precious colored stones.


Don’t shrink back with concern or worry. Faith is being certain of the outcome that you hope for. Soon you will see the beauty that you and I have made! 


In every place where you suffer from fear or doubt, apply My promise with expectant faith and trust in Me to show up. I will transform the barren moonscape into a flourishing garden filled with thankful tears and bubbling laughter. 


Your faith rewards will be prized among all others, as I gift you with a presidential award. I will endow you with blessings–like Tyrian purple–worth its weight in gold. 


Keep going, this is when your faith and confidence matter the most. This is working for you! Like an oyster creating a pearl, the more layers of nacre it creates, the richer the color of the gem.


I will meet you at your faith to deliver abundantly above and beyond all that you have prayed. It’s safe to celebrate! I won’t let you down! We are making tremendous beauty overnight.


As a reward for your dependent trust in Me, I will open up the hidden promise that you seek and the fulfillment will be born. 




Scribed by Dannette

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