Love Letters

One by One


A love letter from Jesus



I will fix this, there is no need to panic. Just sit back and watch My blessings unravel. Calm your mind and quiet your thoughts, like a windless sea, so still and pristine. Everything will be okay–I’ve got you! 


I know that this has been tough, but life as you know it is about to transform. Things will only get better! The promise of My supportive love will endure forever. 


This special moment is made just for you! When one thing ends, a new gift will open. Before every problem, I always have an alternate plan to prosper and bless you. 


In every way–I will richly provide for you! Sit back and watch as I uncover My secret surprise. Turn your worries into the excitement of experiencing the wonderful things that are happening now.


Go back to your promise and remember the vows that I made long ago. Forget your losses and take another leap into a celebration of faith. I will personally open up to you the radiant hues of My intentional love.


I am doing something tailored just for you. The skies are turning blue and your unspoken dreams are coming true. I will leave you speechless!


I am going to open up the Big kind of love that you have been thinking of. It’s a perfect match that you will love! Watch as this new chapter begins to bloom, with petals that unfold–one by one. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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