Love Letters

Only Going Up


A love letter from the Father



Change is happening, so rise with the flow. I will show you new shades of blue, as I lift you into a life that you have never known. 


This is not the end of My support or seeing your longings fulfilled. My vow to love and care for you will never fail or end. On top of that–you are about to encounter even more heights of My provisional and colossal love! 


That is enough looking down at all of the bad things that could go wrong. Fear is a prison that you no longer need, My love has set you free. You are always safe and protected. You are always lavishly supported by Me!


Let’s do this now, surrender into trusting My love, as you gracefully fall up into an abundant flow. Go all-in for a mental release as you finally drop the weight of all worry and doubt. I’ll show you the laughter of love as I hold you securely by My almighty support. 


Let go of what is holding you down and I will help you fly free–it will be like a dream! Forget your fears and worries. Choose to trust Me as you remove every negative weight. Unshackle yourself from the worries about lack or need. Release the anger and frustration of feeling restrained. 


The tension is being lifted. All that you need will be generously provided. I will carry you, comfort you, and keep you afloat. Rest in My promise, and be transported upon a cloud. 


Think about My promises. Today is a new day and there are no limits. I am taking you up to a vast place where you can catch your breath. You can go as high as you hope!


Be enveloped in overwhelming goodness, as you place your attention on the vows of My intentional love. See My love being unveiled at this moment, like looking beyond the thorn of fear to be enveloped by the beauty of the rose. 


Fall into My loving support as you abandon yourself into an upward rise. I will not in any way fail you nor give you up or leave you without support. I will not drop you–no, never, not!


Now you can rise up with full faith and expectancy! Choose to believe that your hope will come true and trust Me to be ever-present with you. 


Open your heart to elevated trust by feeling the joy and gratitude that you have the fulfillment. Think as if your prayers are already answered. 


You are guaranteed a triumphant outcome! Launch into the sky, as you let your hopes rise. You’ll be lighter than air and held by trust. Remember, I am always good to you! 


You’ll find an abundant surprise of hidden riches, as pockets of air transform into glittering diamonds of ice in the sky. 


You’ll be amazed at how this situation will change, now that there is nothing holding you back. I’ll show you such an immense abundance! Such an astonishing view! Things will come faster than you think! Now you are only going up.






Scribed by Dannette

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