Love Letters

A Harvest of Dreams


A love letter from the Father



Rest is essential to healing and it’s time for you to be relieved. Soothe the space in your mind as you unload every worry to Me. Loosen your shoulders and relax, as you lean into My personal love. 


I have been revealing what I am going to do. You’ll see the dreams of your heart fulfilled and I’ll see the flourishment of your plans through to the end. 


While the tears were running from your eyes, there were dreams growing into a silent harvest. 


Just as mushrooms must first digest food before the nutrients are absorbed, all that you have been through has prepared you for this moment. Now, I have set the stage for you to experience a prosperous harvest. 


You will see what I have been saying! Just watch what I do for you. Hidden beneath the surface and saved away as a kept secret–there are immense blessings in this place–and you didn’t even know it! 


Come out of thinking about those hesitations and worries. Tap into My organic promise, where My love is intentionally grown. I am giving you more than just enough, to provide you the freedom that you’ve been dreaming of. 


Put down your roots into trust and ground yourself deep in this present moment. Saturate your attention to what I have promised. Find a fantastic resting place, where no worry can pass through. 


Explore your hopes coming true. Make a day of it–really celebrate! Dreams are emerging for you, like wild mushrooms that spread out along the base of a tree. 


From the unbearable days of hardship, you’ve been released into a free life. I won’t send you empty-handed, but I will load you with more than you have imagined. You’ll continue to expand and prosper, as you unwrap a harvest of dreams and an impressive new stature.


You have given much love and much love is coming back. There is so much love coming up, like clusters of mushrooms suddenly taking over! Like a budding mushroom that copies itself and expands all around, a plethora of blessings is spreading out all around you. 




Scribed by Dannette

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