Love Letters

Taking You Deeper



A love letter from Jesus


I know that it has often been hard to keep going and that there are days when it seems like you can’t stop the tears from flowing. Precious heart, there’s no need to worry now. You are no longer going to be stuck in the shallow places of living. 


My intentional love is being revealed and everything is about to change to be better than you have ever known. An ocean of My love is surging in to relieve the pressure and help you breathe better. 


Take a big deep breath and relax tensions from your shoulders. Wipe away your tears and let Me help you through this. 


No matter how many times that you forget, I am right here to remind you of My continuous love to support you. I have given you a promise of what is to come, so don’t allow your heart to be weighed down. 


You are getting a gift and the celebration that you have been dreaming to have is coming at last. I am filling to your needs–just as you asked. 


I will do anything to make you smile! I am delivering what you have been hoping and it will be like a love song made just for you. 


Everything will turn to blessings for you, as I move you into the great sea depths of plenty. You will be refilled with numerous blessings as far as the eye can see. 


It won’t be long and you’ll discover the delightful depths of your dreams, where you can no longer see the shores of lack and need. 


The longing that you have been crying to see is right in front of you. I will open it up for you to see and you’ll find rainbows of fulfilled promise–everywhere that you look. 


I am taking you deeper than you have ever been, so you can feel the freedom of living in an abundance. There will be blessings! Blessings pouring out of the clouds and blessings washing over the scorching sand. 


This will be the best that you have ever seen and you’ll uncover secret pockets of sea gold that I have stored away. I am making things easy for you! Like the consistent sound from the rhythm of waves, My endless love to support you will just keep going and going.





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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