Love Letters

Feel Free


A love letter from Jesus



Instead of being lashed by the waves of emotional turmoil from those troubles around you, I am giving you the confidence of total peace. You will see fulfillment on the outside of what has been promised within you 


My love creates joy–it does not cause you affliction or pain. Bring yourself back to the beginning–to the promise that I secretly made. 


Untangle the knots that keep you from an all-abandoned trust. Be free from the things that have held you back, like a bird returning to its watering place. 


Loosen the ties of unhealthy, negative thoughts and the harassment of constant doubts. Let go of your fears, worries, and concerns. Lighten your load as you lay it all upon Me. 


From the deepest part of yourself, allow My love to spring up around you. Draw a deep breath of hope and allow it to fill your soul with the sureness of a good outcome. 


Bathe in My personal love, as you absorb hope and confidence in Me. My love is here to help you–beyond your abilities. My desire works with you, let’s move together. 


Fear blocks an abundant life, so stay worry-free. Feel only the soothing vibrations of My voice and bring your soul into feeling safe and calm. 


Concentrate on My love within you and the promises that I have made. I am One with My words and the source of soul immersing love. Turn your attention away from every negative voice or thought.


My love for you is stronger than anything that you fear could be done. See yourself as being loved, favored, and always blessed. Find the clear waters of My love within and rest in My unlimited provisions and constant security. 


I will begin to remind you of My love-filled promises, more and more every day. Allow your focus to be enveloped by your promises and all of the threats of bad outcomes will fall away on their own. 


My vows always live within you and will be perpetually drawn out to be visible. Let the fervent hope of your heart unite with the true fulfillment. I will make possible out of the impossible and materialize the treasures within. 


All that you ask will be given, which means that your prayer has already been accepted. Be surrounded and enveloped by the answer to your prayers. Surrender into trust and faith. All things are possible!


Stay in the place of fulfillment, remember it is already done. When all of this transpires, you will finally have the fulfillment that you have been seeking. 


Hope mirrors the fulfillment, as My shimmering promise touches you with light. You are surrounded by My love–on the inside–the outside–and all around. Your hopes will emerge from the inside out. 


So hope and anticipate My goodness–I will never disappoint you. Feel as if it were already done and be drenched in gratitude and relief. Rejoice in your hopes coming true and embrace the freedom that I have given to you! 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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