Love Letters

Suffering Ends Here


A love letter from the Father



My little one, rise up from the pain of where you have been. Pick up your chin and lift up out of the fears of a bad outcome. There will be a great rescue–just as I said. I am delivering the best surprise to recharge your faith and bless you with a smile. 


Have no worries, My dearest darling! You are surrounded by My indestructible protection and unconditional favor. Protecting you will always be part of My plan! Lay down your fears and worries–once and for all. 


Just because you were hurt many times before, does not mean that you shouldn’t give this another shot. This is a new time for you and My love will cause you to miraculously defy all of the odds. 


Rest in the canopy of My secure love, as you feel so safe that you finally let go of your doubts. Experience the indescribable feeling of My care, like never before. 


Allow all of the weight of your fears to be lifted off of your shoulders. Melt into My love, as those burdens of worry evaporate into nothing. You are free from the threats of fear and I will answer your prayers!


Come back to believing in the fulfillment of your hopes, as you trust Me with confident expectations. 


Feel the relief of your desire fulfilled, as you open your heart to receive with maximum gratitude. Enter into the freedom of being limitless, as you explore the unending riches that flow from My heart. 


Prepare to meet your Father’s love to exceedingly provide. You will get what you are hoping and expecting. Not only that, but I will superabundantly deliver beyond your greatest dreams. 


It’s time to enter into being transformed–once and for all. Let’s start with a heart that is light as you trust Me afresh. Since I have given you endless freedom, celebrate that you already have what you have been asking for. It is yours! 


Make the extra room as you enlarge your heart to anticipate the fulfillment of your request. You never know what can open up when you trust Me completely and believe for the best. I am full of surprises! 


The cycle of suffering ends here. Don’t be nervous, something very favorable is happening for you! Look, I am sending a gift!  I will set you back on your heels in wonder and I’ll cause you to revel in My bountiful goodness. 


You are about to start moving at full speed, as I cause My goodness to be revealed in front of you. I am building you new dreams–made just for you–and things will be just as you hope too! 




Scribed by Dannette

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