Love Letters

I’m Making Things New


A love letter from Jesus




O My dear, I will stay near to help you through your struggle. As a very best friend, I am walking right alongside you. More than any doctor–I will make you feel better!


Don’t be afraid, don’t worry. Haven’t I always been there to help you when you need Me? Depend on Me to be your Ever-present source of healing. I am all that you need. 


You are one in a million–there’s no one just like you! Before you ever knew of this threatening condition, I gave you a promise of My miracle healing. I will show up to fulfill all that I promised–and not a moment too late. 


I will love you and care for you over and over again–until you are overflowing again with radiant health. Rest in My promise, like resting under My presence. Trust Me with all of your heart and don’t try to handle this issue all on your own. 


Like soaking your soul in life-giving light, warm yourself in My promises at all times. I will cause you to be fully satisfied with abounding energy. You will feel brand new–just like you were a child all over again! 


Just like discovering a treasure trove of oranges to satisfy your needs, I will pour astonishing amounts of My healing nectar over every area where you are facing adversity. 


Prepare to celebrate with more miracles than you asked! It requires 15 gallons of water to grow orange and I am going to pour more blessing that you can handle by yourself!


I have already moved ahead of the enemy plans and I will turn away all sickness that comes to your door. You’ll be comforted when you are feeling unwell. I will turn things around to cause you to vibrate with rejuvenating health. 


Here is a promise that you can depend on: I will personally immerse you with My healing love by My own hands. I will pour out My miracle–love to leave every spectator stunned and amazed. 


I am moving right before you–in a place that you cannot see. I will step in to perform a miracle healing! I am making things new for you!  


The best part is: My promise of love will never run out! I will continue to restore you with unending beauty and satisfy you with My nurturing goodness for as long as you live. 


You’ll see it first hand! I’ll show up to deliver miracles of healing that reach far beyond anything you’ve ever known. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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