Love Letters

Chaos of Blessings


A love letter from the Father



My darling child, I love you so much. I am not going to cause you pain. Rather, I am going to show you how much I care–and I care more than you know! I want the very best things for you!


I gave you this dream and filled the hope in your heart. I started this and I will bring it to a breathtaking finish. I love to help–you’ll get My help! I will amaze you with a wonderful surprise and cause you to feel so much joy and comfort inside. 


Focus on what you hope to happen and not those fears. Believe in a good outcome, without a second thought flicking in your mind. With gushing confidence and full of belief, you’ll see your prayers and hopes take a deep root into your reality. 


Eat the sweetness of My promise and not the bitterness of fears. I will show up with My tangible love to give you far better than anything that you dreamed could be here. 


Don’t panic about what you don’t see coming. Be expecting something huge and be ready for your hopes to emerge!


Continue to sow generously and you will reap an abundance of a love-filled harvest. I will astonish you with a chaos of blessings, like sweet sugar spinning to make fluffy clouds of cotton candy. 


I am setting you up to be extravagantly honored and I’m piling up blessings beyond your most wondrous thoughts. You’ll increase and be made wealthy in every way so that there is always plenty for you and plenty left over for others.


Christmas doesn’t stop there. You will see My sweet goodness everywhere that you look. Things will happen so fast–and sooner than you think. You’ll be radically filled up and it will pile up with clouds of sweetness to everyone around you. 


And now I’m doing it to you: like spinning cotton candy that grows and expands with tasty goodness. You’ll be surprised with gifts of My love and unending help–better than you dreamed–and sweeter than you thought. 





Scribed by Dannette Ward

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