Love Letters

Immersed in Relief

A love letter from Jesus



My dear one, take a deep breath and remember all that I have promised. I showed you what would come so that you could remain calm and rested in My Sovereign care. 


I am more than enough to cover your needs and through your weakness–My flawless power will be revealed. Your need is your strength and a conduit for My love to flow with miraculous wonders. 


You can stand tall through this trial, you will not be humiliated or disappointed. I will do just as you hope–because I care about every detail of your life. I am raising you up from the grief and hardship. I am carrying you into relief from the crushing pain. 


There was a reason that this had to be done–so it would be clear that you are My own and that you were held by My power and not your own. Because you have stayed loyal in My love–I will honor you with a great reward. 


Stir up fresh hope–this is the dawn of your rescue! I am reaching in to save you from being hedged in by these challenges. I will remember what I promised to do–and I will fulfill all that I have told you. 


I took you from a place of having nothing and now I am setting you up to be respected and distinguished with extravagant blessings. I will transform the pain in a sudden moment—and cause your hardship to become a beautiful and comfortable home. 


Although you endured the inferno of testing, I am pouring out more blessings than you can contain all alone. I am setting aside a peaceful place for you–where you will always have enough–and no longer be afflicted.


You are about to see a love like you have never known–or hoped to know. You are rising from the ashes to be bathed in relief and immersed in the comforts of My ever-present love. You’ll relax and be confident again. You’ll sit back and take it easy.  


 Everything is about to change, as I immerse you in a wave of relief and carry you into the abundance of tangible promise. You’ll look around and see the gold that the fire had transformed. The pain is changing into blessings and the pressure is where your strength and confidence were formed. 





Scribed by Dannette

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