Love Letters

Promised Fulfillment

A love letter from Jesus



 Don’t be afraid, I have heard all of your cries and I know all about the situation you are in. There’s always a way, My darling. Soon you will see it! 


Sit back and recline into My love, as I cause you to drift into a promised fulfillment. I will give you the rest that you long for and show you Refuge within My everlasting Arms. 


Take a big deep breath and let your eyes adjust in this time of threatening darkness. You are coming out to the other end–to be washed in My rescuing light. 



I will show up exactly as I said that I would and I will do just as I promised. Everything can change in a matter of seconds and I can help you in the blink of an eye. 


My promise to you is unbreakable–no matter what this situation may tell you. Even at the faint whiff of water, you will flourish again and thrive in ways that you have never dreamed of. Don’t give up yet, but hope and anticipate My active goodness! 


I will do just as I said that I would and I will fulfill My words to you. The support that you seek is not far away. I have prepared ahead! A well of abundant water is hidden in plain sight and I am revealing it to you. 


I am going to show you exceptional care and you will move through this time with tears of joy. You’ll be so happy when you see what I do–and all who hear of your story will celebrate with you! 


Everything can change at any moment! Begin to look around and imagine what can happen by faith. Soon you’ll notice the water source of My personal provisions–and it will be just as you imagined–and not so far away! 


I am giving you more than you hoped and you’ll never see it coming. Suddenly, waters of My loving support will erupt from wondrous depths and burst like a flood to cover all that you need–and so much more. 



Scribed by Dannette

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