Love Letters

An Open Door

A love letter from Jesus



My precious one, I love you so much! There is a reason that I told you what would be done. Let nothing take your hope away–no matter how hopeless it may seem. Soon the pain of this moment will be only a fading memory. 


I am going to do better than the best for you and refill your heart with brimming joy. Don’t waver in what you hope, but stay steady in trusting My involvement to answer your request. 


I will be your Hero to make this dream come true! Clear the way of all doubt and fear and prepare to see My move. I will swiftly come like a rescuing Champion riding upon the clouds! I will raise you from rags to riches and give you a plentiful space to freely move. 


The gripping constraints of lack and trouble are being removed, as I raise you up into the liberation that you deserve. I’m lifting you on your feet again and refilling you with plenty of comforts. You’ll have a break from warfare–with ample time to catch your breath. 


My promise remains true and you can be sure I’ll never forget to do what I said I would do. I told you in advance so that you would know how much I care–even more than care–I love you! 


Don’t allow a negative thought of fear or doubt to linger in your mind. Use My promise to you as a smashing sledgehammer to tear down every worrisome thought that comes against you.


 Make My promises to you like sailors harpoon to catch every threatening doubt that comes against your hope. I will open this door for you and get you back to the times that you so dearly love. 


You will get it all–and keep getting more. I’ll empower you with My strength and set you on top of the world! It will come! Before you know it—you’ll be scooping up diamonds at the start of every morning.


I’ll make up for every wound and cause you to recline in a dreamy oasis of sapphire water as this dream comes true. An open door is being revealed and you’ll be surprised to see that it happened–just as I told you! 



Scribed by Dannette

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