Love Letters

All Too Soon

A love letter from the Father



Take heart, My treasure, a change is coming quickly and it’s time to make room for the new. It’s no longer good to be covered in the bruises of yesterday or carrying the burdens from the unrelenting storms. I am washing away the agony of barely surviving and opening your life up to refreshing streams of plenty. 


For too long, you were lashed by waves of unbearable days and whipped by winds that kept stinging your face. Before your whole world is engulfed into a fulfilled dream, you need to stop expecting and anticipating more pain. 


Those distressing memories will only weigh you down. Leave the scars of warfare behind and believe Me when I say ‘all things are new’. Give Me the agony and sadness of living through trauma–I will absorb all of your pain. 


Let the ashes of hardship blow away as you release the torment that you have endured and don’t look back again. The thing that holds a chain together is a link of connection. The fire of this trial is being put out and it’s time to move on. 


I have given you My promise and it is being fulfilled. A new life is materializing right before your eyes. It’s a sure thing! You can believe that it is done. Once you decide that you are all in–and no longer on the fence–then love replaces the fear as the promise comes out. 


My love is the answer to all of your needs. Let yourself rest in My promise. See My love wrapped around your circumstances and feel the calmness that surrounds you. 


Rest all of your defenses and surrender your anxieties. Fall into My loving arms like a soft bed of pillowy clouds, where the hardship can no longer hurt you. 


Celebrate your weakness and need, because that is the place where My strong support will flow out effortlessly. The easiest blessings are coming to the surface and My love is going to deliver this most treasured gift—all too soon. 




Scribed by Dannette Ward

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