Love Letters

Freedom and Abundance

A love letter from Jesus



Just breathe…take a big deep breath and fill your lungs completely. Exhale out all of your stress and worries. Allow your shoulders to droop and feel My love all around you. 


Receive My tangible freedom filling your life beyond what you can fathom. No amount of lack of restraint can take away My promise that has already been given. 


I am here to comfort you–don’t fear–because nothing can hurt you. I will protect you on all sides and refill your needs with replenishing relief. 


I’ll be the stability that you need when it feels like you are crumbling down. I’ll pick you up and save you from falling to the ground. 


Don’t believe the fears of chaos or disaster. I have made you a plan full of peace and the outcome that you hope for. 


The opposite of what you fear is what you can expect, so let go of those worries and relax your defenses. I have told you what will come so that you could be deeply assured and completely at rest. 


Take a moment and unload every dreadful thought and every weighted worry that presses on your shoulders. Give Me every need and concern and place every fear into My hands. 


Relax into My Sovergien care and feel the rhythm of My heart. Trust Me with the deep longing that you have and have faith that it will be done and done on time. 


Inhale the fresh air of hope and be confident once again. Feel weightless as you depend on My protective and provisional support to carry you to the end. Without a care in the world–relax into My ever-present help and know that I would never let you down. 


I am opening up double doors of blessing that no man can stop or take away. The days of being limited have come and gone. Now you will be shown more freedom than you were hoping for. 


The walls that shut you in are coming down and I am going to raise you up with more and more! You’ll have more than you need with plenty of room to stretch and move freely. 


No longer will you be unable to breathe from scarcity or caged in and unable to cover your needs. Instead of being restricted by the lack or restained by control, I’ll show up with freedom and abundance–until it all overflows! 


I’ll be a loving friend to extend a helping hand. You’ll be blessed from every direction and I will engulf your life with My personal love–in a way that exceeds all that you have ever known.


This is an abundance zone. Like ocean waves that continuously flow with the soul-soothing sound of repetition, the gifts of My ample support will never stop. There’s always more to come!



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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