Love Letters

The Perfect Surprise


A love letter from Jesus



Place your hands in Mine with what little faith that you have left. I will hold onto you and I won’t let go. I’ll carry you into the fulfillment of this desire and you’ll be so excited that you can’t stay still. 


Don’t lose hope, but keep watching for me to breakthrough. Break down the walls of unbelief and trust Me to bring you a miracle–even today. I will lift you out of your needy place and set you up higher than you have dreamed. 


A lot can happen with the tiniest change. Like a newborn baby being born, love is the smallest ingredient that brings the most joy. 


My promise to you is like a baby emerging from the womb. A baby is always thankful to receive love and nourishment. Care for this promise, as your own bundle of joy and choose to dwell in gratitude, as if it were already fulfilled.  


The sun is slowly rising and a miracle is bursting through. Don’t count me out just yet–remember that I can hold back time and suddenly change everything from bad into good. 


Take a deep breath and remember what I promised. Haven’t I always caused things to be exactly as I proclaimed them? Be expecting the unexpected from My ever-present love for you. 


A baby is not seen until it has been born. Being pregnant with promise requires faith and confidence that your dreams will come to the surface. This is going to happen for you! I have given you clear signs of what is coming–like a baby kicking and moving on the inside. 


Even though this situation seems impossible, everything that I promised is true and nothing is impossible for you! In a twinkling of an eye–your joy will radiate through the skies. You’ll see this promise come into view–as the perfect surprise. 


Scribed by Dannette

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