Love Letters

Never Underestimate What I Can Do

A love letter from the Father



I want you to know that I will still do what I promised to do. I have made you glorious plans and I will bring it all to pass. So chin up! Don’t lose your confidence just yet, it’s still a sure thing. 


Let Me say this with complete confidence–there is still hope to resurrect your plans. I have set a definite time to show up and I’ll gift you with the fondest memories, as in imprint upon your heart. 


Despite how hopeless it looks, keep hoping that you will have what you prayed for. Your hope will cause this desire to sprout up and flourish into an underwater forest of tangible wonders. 


Lift out of the sadness of survival and the despair of hopes left wanting. You are rising up and out, like a flood of tropical rain in the Riparian forest taking over the dry ground. 


I am adding another level of beauty to the surface. An increase is coming to turn it all around. There will be more than enough to cover all that you need, like a rising river that is strong, abundant, and thriving. 


Say goodbye to those troubles, because you are rising up and out of it all. You’ll be lighter than a feather with My help and walking on air. It won’t be long now–I can show up at any minute! 


Never underestimate what I can do or disregard My unconditional favor for you. I am right here to bring the sudden fulfillment, it will be just as I told you. 


Remember that I am fantastically famous for unexpected moves and I am the best at surprises showing up to rescue you. I am causing you to rise into an impossible thing! 


You are moving into what will feel like an awakened dream! I’ll cause your struggles to melt into crystal clear waters that shimmer like jewels. You’ll float weightlessly through a wonderland of your prophetic promise coming true. 




 Scribed by Dannette Ward

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