Love Letters

My Darling,

A love letter from the Father



My darling, weep no more. I have heard your cries and I am coming to comfort you from the insufferable wounds and anguish that you experienced before. I know that there has been terrible loss and the disappointments were often too hard to bear. 


Don’t worry about having the strength to continue this fight, just rest in My arms as I lift you high. 


I know that you are weary from walking through hardship, so I will help you and carry you into a whole new level of relief and blessing. I will be the power in your place of weakness and the abundance in the place of your need. 


Be at peace for this time. Everything will be great. Even when you cannot see Me, I am always with you to be all that you need. 


You don’t need to fear going through pain, I will show up with blessings of plentiful rain. My promise to you will always find its way through because My love is always bonded to you. 


The mistreatment and injustice that you have endured are being replaced with the kindness of better days of blessing and honor. This is the start of something new and I am making it all up to you! 


I will fully compensate for the difficulties that you have faced and redeem you from the troubles of the past, present, and future. I will not allow anything to harm you, instead, I will make good things happen for you. 



Relax and de-stress, as you rest under My wings of pure refuge. Something very good and beautiful is about to be done. Once again, I will fill your hands with hidden wealth and bless you with an excess of support. 


You are blessed and favored by Me and now it’s time for the whole world to see. I am reviving a cherished old dream. I’ll fill it with life and cause it to rise to fulfillment! 


You are being placed on the plentiful ground and you’ll discover the prosperity of the land all around. I won’t stop there, oh no. I am causing you to rise more and more until you are copiously affluent and thoroughly distinguished. 


I am transitioning you to much higher ground. The view will be indescribable! There will be increased stability and additional comforts. With so much more–just around the corner. 


Watch and see what I do! I have planned this perfectly–with every detail wrapped in the comforts of My rescuing love. There are secret riches delicately concealed right in front of you! This is going to be the best level yet–and so much better than you imagined. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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