Love Letters

Rising to the Top

A love letter from Jesus


The promises that I made you are real as can be, even when they cannot be seen. Just because they are not visible yet, simply trust they are there and they will materialize for you to feel and see.Β 


I am placing you in a new time zone that is high above the warfare and the days of pain-stricken survival. Lift up your arms and trust Me to carry you to the fulfillment that I promised.Β 


Fall into My promise and I will be the force beneath you to raise you up. Surrender into love as you let go of every fear, hesitation, and doubt. Shake away the worry and yield into My kindness.Β 


Don’t worry about how it looks, you are rising into a promised fulfillment!Β Soon you’ll see–all that fear was for nothing. You’ll finally relax and embrace the new environment. It will be beyond beautiful and you will love it more than you ever knew.Β 


The rise to the top is wonderful and you won’t believe your eyes! You are moving along quickly and smoothly. As we reach the uttermost peak, you’ll inhale the sweet stillness of My blessings and the air of clear relief. The view is unbelievable–it’s serene, calm, and peaceful.Β 


You were born to stand on the heights and I am escorting you into a very swift rise. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It won’t be long now and you feel the refreshing breeze kissing your face, as I wrap you into My comforting embrace.Β 



Scribed by Dannette



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