Love Letters

Get used to taking it easy



A love letter from the Father



Put your hand in Mine and we will get through this together. I care immensely for you and I have deep compassion to help you. Yes. I’ll carry you through this and continue to honor My vows.


Wipe the tears from your eyes and see My comforts invading your grief. From the place of desolation and famine, I am filling you with breath-taking beauty and fantastic opportunity. 


I gave you a promise and that is what I will do! You can rely on My dependable presence and all-enduring love to show up for you. I will never fail you or let you go. I will never let you down or leave you without My promised support.


Things only seem dark because I am taking you through the My secret passageways of hidden wealth. I’m taking you deep beneath the waves, to discover the rainbow hues of the rose-veiled fairy wrasse fish–that most will never know exists. 


It’s tucked away in the darkest regions of the sea, known as the “twilight zone”. The deep depths of the water absorb the light. 


The deeper that we go, the darker it is. Although you cannot see what is happening at this time, you are in the place to receive the treasures of darkness. I am going to show you the wonders of My love–as I protect you from all that you fear or dread. 


I’ll personally show you secret containers of riches and you’ll scoop up shimmering pearls instead of the nagging afflictions. 


Think of what you hope to be done and not what you fear. Dwell on it! Imagine it! Because I am going to bless you twice as much and comfort your discomforts. I will cause things to suddenly shift, to radically transform your moonscape into an oasis of sheer paradise.  


You will be supremely comforted during this time. Just rest as I carry you. I’ll do amazing things–things that you couldn’t even believe or describe! It will be like nothing that has ever happened before–and I am doing it all because you trusted in My words. 


The waters of My loving support will fill the place where I tested your faith–like the sea spilling over to flood the oceanic caves and undersea mountains. I will satisfy the void that you feel, like ice suddenly melting to cause the sea level to rise. 


Although you suffered from helplessness and confinement, the scene is starting the change. From the place of having nothing, the bounty of My abundance is pouring out. The emptiness and areas of need will be flooded with astounding relief. 


I am going to bless this place of your sorrow and reveal the treasures of unexplored depths. My love is spilling over the wreckage of pain to give you the relief of plentiful rains. 


You will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. I am lifting you into an abundance with a much–needed surprise. From this moment forward–you will experience My blessings like never before.


Settle into the calm of My Sovereign support and get used to taking it easy. I am giving you tangible peace from your distress and troubles. I will generously provide all you need and you’ll live in the relief of My freedom. 


Scribed by Dannette Ward

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