Faith Stories

Talking to the Moon


Many years ago, I was working as a nursing assistant at an assisted living facility. I worked the graveyard shift and that was when I first started to reach out to know God.Β 


There were many hours of the night when I had downtime. It was a facility in Florida and the room doors were all outside, like apartments. So I spent much of the time outside.Β 


There was a rocking chair that I loved to sit in and it was in the perfect location to keep an eye on the facility. I used to love to gaze at the stars and eventually I started talking to the moon.Β 


I was talking to God, but I needed a focal point to make Him seem real to me. My faith was just baby-sized then and having something physical to talk to helped me to feel closer to Him. I reached towards Him with faith and I knew He wasn’t part of the moon, but it helped me to have a “face” to look at.Β 


It became my normal routine. Every night around 2 in the morning or so, I would sit in my rocking chair and talk to God as if He was my best friend.Β 


I didn’t really know if He heard me or anything, but I had hope that there was a God somewhere out there that loved me and cared about the details of my life.Β 


Then some transitions happened to us and we had to move to a different state. Due to some very difficult situations, I was not able to leave for a job like a normal person anymore.Β 


I remember going through something really painful and I was desperate to find God.Β I went into the shower to see if I cry out and find God. I was crying and praying. I said, β€œGod, if you can hear me out of all of the people in the world, then please–help me-’.Β 


I went on with my life after that. We moved to another state and it was about a month later that my life changed forever. It was in the middle of the night, around the same time that I used to talk to the moon to find God.


I was transported up in the spirit and I heard the audible voice of Father God. His voice was unlike anything I can describe. I did not get to see Him, but I heard Him and while He talked, He showed me visions that passed before my eyes.Β 


He told me about His plans for my life and His plan to save me from the toxic situation as well.Β After God led me free from that relationship and the guy had left me for an affair, I went off on my own and grew closer and closer to God. He would show up all the time in my dreams and show me what to do or what will come next.Β 


It always came true too and God became my literal lifeline. He knew that I could not do things the way that normal people could and so He answered my dreams of being a work-from-home mom.Β 


He gave me the promise to supply my income through my blog. He wanted me to share the journey with Him with transparency so that others could have faith to find Him too.Β 


I love the dance of moving through life with Jesus. In all this time of Him showing me what will happen and then seeing Him deliver on that word, it has never failed and He has never been wrong.


I could never fly through the unseen wonders of God if I had taken the easy and safe route. It was a huge sacrifice to surrender my life up to God and to trust His plans instead of my own.Β 


I don’t regret it. From the easy days of talking to the moon, God has become my everything. He is my family, my best friend, and the wings that I take refuge under and sometimes it seems like He is the only one who cares.


I just want you to see a glimpse of what this has been like and give you a little backstory so that you can see just how intentional God’s love has been.Β 




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