Love Letters

Let’s Begin Again

A love letter from the Father



Have faith and let’s begin again. Sorrow will suddenly absorb into joy and the night will instantly breathe into day. It’s true! Things will be much different–like winter melting into summer.  


Forget your worries, forget your troubles. My love will always find a way to deliver the tangible promise. You’ll be comforted on all sides and the opposite of your fears is what I will provide. 


I will protect you and keep those that you care for safe. You are coming out of this blessed and prospered greatly. Like opening a gift every day, the promises of My love will continue to show up time after time. 


You’ll encounter bountifully–despite this heavy attack. I have spread out a feast of blessings, instead of the enemies’ plans. It will seem so unreal–you won’t be able to take it all in! 


Reach up with child-like faith and stir up the gifts inside. Start to imagine the fulfilled promise. See how it will be for you and how wonderful it will look when it arrives. Inhale the aroma of My love all around you. 


Hear the waters of My love pouring out, as I richly deliver–above and beyond your heartfelt desires. Feel the safe comforts of being supported and nourished as My little child. 


And now, just watch as I do it again! I’ll cause monsoon rains to spill out upon the drought-stricken soil. The tears of digging in the dirt are coming back as fragrant flower petals and truck-loads of blessings. 


Don’t even think that it’s too early yet. This cherished treasure is closer than you suspect.  I will show up to surprise you even sooner than you think. You’ll be enveloped by My goodness in ways that will make this all seem too easy. 



Scribed by Dannette


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