Love Letters

I Knew What You Would Need

A love letter from the Father



Breathe, My darling baby, and let all of the tension out. I have a track record for keeping My promise and I wonโ€™t fail you now. Stretch out your hand and place it in Mine. I will hold onto you and keep you from falling from where you are now.ย 


I knew what you would needโ€“far before you did. I knew what you would be thinking before the tears were shed. I knew what you would prayโ€“even before you knew about the need itself.ย 


When I gave you a promise to diligently support youโ€“I meant every word that I said. Iโ€™ve got you! You are not going to suffer the anguish or humiliation that you dread and I have not forgotten about what I promised to give.ย 


Inhale nice and slow and calm your rapid heart. Surrender back into My love and remember the security of My rich support. Let go of all of the weight that is piling up on your shoulders.ย 


Let go of the fear. Let go of the worries. Let go of the needs that you are needing. I already know and I have paved an underground path to help youโ€“full of deposits of sapphires, Burma rubies, and embedded quart veins of elegant gold.ย 


Deny giving attention to the pressures and the unsolvable problems. Instead, saturate your focus on the delight of My promise. It will surely emergeโ€“just as I saidโ€“whether you are ready or not.ย 


I am filling your needs with plenty of support, like filling a tropical pool with the clear-blue waters of My love. It will all happen just as I promised and youโ€™ll be floating on the overflow of My abundanceโ€“before you even know it.ย 


Scribed by Dannetteย

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