Love Letters


A love letter from the Father



My dear, you were not forgotten, nor did I disregard your most treasured prayers. Nothing was lost at all, as a matter of fact, I have been preparing the very best for you!


Don’t get lost in the chaos and confusion. Nothing that I have promised you has changed. It may look as though it will no longer come, but at any moment the fulfillment will be done. 


Like a butterfly emerging from a secluded place, this is a moment of transforming into new beauty and leaving behind the tearful trail of bitterness and pain. 


Allow the beauty of My promise to surround you, like a butterfly unfolding her wings in preparation to rise up. It’s okay–this is going to be better than you expect. Relax your shoulders, as I melt away the nervous tensions. 


Take a deep breath as you release the trail of former injustice and heartaches. Exhale out the uncomeliness of what was, as you forgive, release, and bless those that caused you unnecessary pain. 


Not everything can go to the rare heights that I will take you. It’s time to ascend above those things that tried to ground you. Just lean into Me and I will help you. 


Remember that you are royalty and remember who you are as an elite in Heaven. Remember your high calling and the greatness of your chosen destiny. Begin to look up to where we are moving, instead of the anguish that you are leaving behind you. 


Put on a great big smile and get ready for the best of the best that is before you. Say farewell to those that didn’t see your worth and move forward from those who didn’t deserve you. 


Allow the knots of the past to come undone and slip away. Untie the toxic ties of those who hurt you, like gently pulling a worn-old frayed ribbon to loosen its grasp.


No one is prepared to see this captivating story that I have made you. Like a butterfly with breathtaking wings, your unfolding will be unforgettable and one of a kind. It’s no longer a time to be hidden under a tree, but it is a time for the beauty of My love for you to be admired and seen. 


Your cherished desire will no longer be an unanswered prayer or a dream that seems never to come to fulfillment. Instead, you will witness the extraordinary moment that has fluttered and danced in your heart for what seems like a lifetime. 


A wonderful surprise is about to show up that opens into more and more like butterfly wings unfolding. You’ll see it spread out before your eyes, like seeing the wings of a majestic butterfly that opens beyond all hopeful expectations. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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