Love Letters

All of the Sudden

A love letter from the Father



I would never think of letting you down, My little darling. Giving My child special moments of seeing My promises fulfilled is a very special gift that I will keep giving. 


I love you right where you are and you have nothing to prove to anyone who criticizes or tries to push you around. Keep your eyes on Me and I will show you the greatest love that you have ever been shown. 


Not everyone understands the love language that we already have or how deeply our communication travels. The intimacy that you have formed with Me is an unbreakable bond and the voice of another…I know you would never follow. 


Lean into My love and let all of the distractions fade out. This is a time to be excited about. Allow Me to take you back to a promise that I made so long ago. I am going to honor your prayers and answer your requests–just like I have always promised.  


You will find your hopes fulfilled and I will cause things to be just as you desired they could be! Remember what I promised you–as you fill up on peace and let the joy flow out. 


I’ve got it all figured out, so don’t try so hard to make this happen on your own. I am moving everything in the direction that you hope. Just trust Me to materialize your request and let all of the worries go. 


Change is coming for you and it is free from the pain that you have been used to. Think about the future and not about how it was. Shut down the fears of revisiting the suffering that happened before. 


Concentrate on what you hope being true. Feel the good news that is coming for you–even before you see it appear before your eyes. Everything will happen in an instant–and all of the sudden–another precious moment will come to pass.  



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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