Love Letters

A New Chapter

A love letter from the Father



Just breathe, I am not so far away. Everything is going to be better than you think. I’ll make sure you are happy–you’ll see. Sink into My love and allow yourself to just float away. There will be no more shame, so please set your worries aside.


You can rest assured, that I am always a step ahead. You have entered into a new chapter and things can change–just like that! I have made a vow with you–a promise bonded together with loyalty and love. 


You are on your way to great things! This is going to be the most unforgettable transformation that you have ever seen, as I raise you towards the highest heights. 


Blues skies of relief are on the way. It’s time to celebrate a whole new season of surprises. Trust in My love–as the beginning and the end. What you are hoping for is not as far away as it looks. 


Don’t overcomplicate this. Just have faith and confidence as you trust and believe again. As you believe that the prayer is yours, you’ll be immersed in relief as new doors open up. 


Receive the promise of My endless support and trust in the immense love that I have for you. Instead of wavering back and forth about whether or not it will happen–think that I will fulfill your longing and know that the permission has been granted. 


When you believe someone’s word, you trust that they are telling the truth. Count on My promise to answer your prayer as being the outcome that you are hoping to have. 


My loyal love for you has granted you favored status and you will truly encounter the affection of seeing the fulfillment. 


You’ll have a new life and it will be a whole new chapter. A chapter that reveals the abundance and bounty—just as I promised. 


I am going to meet your prayers of faith and confidence to do immeasurably more than you could imagine. You’ll receive a harvest of payback from your pain, as blessings overflow consistently with My boundless love. 


You may be unsure of what to expect, but pay attention and I will give you a hint. You are rising into a dream and it will feel like finally reaching cloud nine, as everything that I have shown you comes to fruition right before your own eyes. 



Scribed by Dannette Ward

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