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The Promise Does Not Fail





God’s word does not fail–only man fails. These love letters are made of the promises of God but they do not just randomly happen. We have to each be willing to do the work to see them come to pass. The work that is required is to train our thoughts, feelings, and actions to all be in one accord and singular in faith. 


We have to cast down every negative thought the moment it happens. We have to feel like they are true because what we are feeling is a true indication of what we are believing at the core and what we think about is pretty much what we really believe. 


We cannot think from a place of want or poverty and expect to see God’s promise of abundance come to pass without us doing our part to believe it. That is all that is required–to believe. 


Because the word of God does not prosper if mixed with unbelief. One of the hardest athletic training programs on earth is to train our thoughts to think from the fulfillment of our promise. 


We have to begin at the end and see our life as though what God has promised has already happened. That is why it says in Mark 11:24, “believe that you have already received it and it will be yours”. 


For some people to believe, means that they have to learn to unbelieve all of the bad news of negative outcomes. It is not always easy to believe, especially if you have trust issues like me, lol. 


I am not the one to blame if you do not see these letters, your prayers, or God’s promises come to pass. I can only show you what God gives and it is up to each person to believe.


Because each person is accountable for their own soul, which is the mind, will, and emotions. But I can share with you that I have seen most of these letters be fulfilled at one point or another. 


If you don’t want to believe in good news and would rather ride the Jezebel train of negativity, abuse, and condemnation–then that is also on you. I hope that you would choose to believe in the best and not be pulled into that sickness of negative thinking. 


To think from doubt, fear, or worry all the time is an actual addiction and the only way to break the addiction to negative thoughts is to raise our energy to match the promises of God. 


That means that every thought must be carefully observed to make sure that we always think about what He says in His promises and not about the problem. Everything we imagine must be from the hopes and promises too. We have to feel the joy of God, as we abide in His love and trust that He will answer our prayers and fulfill His words. 


I have lived the miracle lifestyle for 5 years and every time I needed God to show up, He would train me to think positive, imagine positive and feel like it has already occurred. Before I started this journey, God showed me that I was the only one who could do this battle, because it was the battle of self. It was a battle of dying to all unbelief, fear, worry, doubt, negativity, etc…



Because as we align our souls to match the vibrations of His promise, then we become one with His love, just like in John 15 (abiding in the Vine). And God’s promises are higher than any devil can ever reach to rob us. 


We become what we are, or as C.S. Lewis said, “We are what we believe”. That is why it is a process to transform into the identity of Jesus and become one with all that He promised and all that He is. 


Not every caterpillar becomes a butterfly overnight. It takes time, sometimes way more than others. So don’t feel sad if you are not seeing results. Just keep practicing bringing your body under the subjection of God’s promise. God’s word will work in the unseen to break the addiction to unbelief and doubt. 


I am not even all the way there yet, but I have seen it happen for me more times than I can count and I know that this works. The more you press into transforming your mind, the faster you will see the results. 


Eventually, these letters will all unfold for you and you will see them be fulfilled over and over again. But it’s a choice. You have to decide what kind of life you want, either a poverty-stricken, sick, slave life or an abundance with endless freedom, beauty, and wellness. Don’t give up, but hold your confidence because it will be richly rewarded. 




Love, Dannette ❤️



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